My Latest Popstar Crush


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AWim Long expected new studiowork from this 3-piece punkband with an excellent live reputation.
For a punch in the face from this short,energetic no-nonsense garagepunksongs,I like to put on hold the postrock for a little while. Favorite track: fix my brains.
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released November 1, 2016

Full cd 8 tracks
All songs by BRUCE
Recorded at High Lake Hill Studio - Belgium
Produced by BRUCE




BRUCE Aarschot, Belgium

BRUCE is a Belgian garagepunk band, inspired by Australian punk -heroes as Cosmic Psychos, The Saints, Radio Birdman, The New Christs, Eastern Dark, Celibate Rifles, etc...

Live shows are energetic, fast and furious. BRUCE LIVE supported bands such as Cosmic Psychos, L7, and The Aints/Ed Kuepper.
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Track Name: my latest popstar crush
you ask me for the 2016 sex rules like other years 400 times will do you're interested if she likes it rude well let me tell you love's more than dicks and boobs she grins at me and I spoil wine post rock dazzles all the time sweetheart, she says, let's get undressed you wanna glimpse of our 2016 sex tools like other years the screens will be shut too I caress her hips with a plastic spoon she dyes her nails while I come too soon sweetheart she sighs, don't skip my breasts here comes my popstar crush and I speed up once more she wants me to beat her drums she pulls the strings for sure
Track Name: fix my brains
it's crystal clear you can't deny it I'm about to crash my plane no skilled pilot can prevent it I feel so crammed in a dead-end lane I'm fucked I'm stabbed I'm broken a scrapheap that remains leave my case unspoken can someone fix my brains I can't get up out of this ditch I go two steps up and fall three cliffs deep my mind's unable to make the switch I feel sucked in a swamp at high speed I'm trapped I'm kicked I'm slaughtered please relieve my pain my friends say ignore it well let someone fix my brains I'm crushed I'm stoned I'm busted nothing to retain my girl says I'm boring well let someone fix my brains
Track Name: sinful ink
this time we're gonna do it my way this time we're gonna do it my way this time we're gonna do it my way next time we're gonna crush it your way next time we're gonna chill it your way next time we're gonna crack up your way next time we ain't gonna do anything at all
Track Name: perfect ladygarden
get up I'm speedweeding your perfect lady garden no bugs no snails no dirty nails I just crawl my tongue don't move I take a shortcut in your perfect lady garden sweat lust and heat no dirty feet when I crawl my tongue
Track Name: pass pa
Peter sniffs the atmosphere he's trying to confirm German chicks bite your hands when you feed them worms no no Peter don't be scared you've got skills but I reckon trust kills Peter wasted energy trying to find out Ozzie girls scratch your face when you make them come no no Peter don't quit now you're in good shape but I reckon lovers fake pass på trust kills pass på
Track Name: treehugger
I'm not a zookeeper don't scrub the back of your horse I'm not a milkpuker don't wipe the ass of your cow I'm a treehugger and it feels fine I'm a treehugger I squeeze the tight
Track Name: next time
when I saw you walking in my room wondering why I was counting all those years and still I feel like hell You're dressed up for going out in town It doesn't bother me a night alone won't mess me up but still I feel like hell next time you can try another lie next time you can find another guy
Track Name: bug me
you don't have to bug me back off ugly squirt one more try your last chance you don't have to bug me
you don't have to tease me stop it little girl one more try your last chance you don't have to bug me